Reduce-reuse-recycle is yesterday, cradle2ccradle is today. For those who are not sure what cradle2cradle is, here’s a short video:

In may 2017 Würth has oficially been certified cradle2cradle silver level for its VARIFIX(r) mounting rails.

Front page of the Würth cradle2cradle flyer

1,5 years took it the company in order to change the processes in production of every single part of the mounting rail system. More then 200 parts has been listed for certification. I remember at one of  the early workshops we just had to print some 10 A3 posters and glue them together in order to get an overview of the parts.

Each element has stoped being galvanized, because in this way it becomes environmental friendly. Lots of production processes has been changed in order to make all of the elements “green”.

Does it pay off? – Yes! Imagine the world in some 15 years – raw material shortage for every industry. Price for materials such as steel will rise. As Würth only rents the whole system to the customer, it owes the raw material and all of the costs pay off real fast.

How the cradle2cradle cycle of VARIFIX(r) works. Translation (from up): production – mounting – use – demopunting & collecting back – cleaning

Get impressed! – You know you like it.