In order to succeed in change management, one needs to think of the transformations on every level. Let us say all changes in strategy and goals are already defined and a global plan of action is designed. Do not forget about implementing the changes on the employee level.

Now one way to do that is to implement workshops, trainings and meetings with a change officer. Effective solution, but is not enough to reach the highest level of acceptance. Remember yourself at school or as a teenager, did you really liked to follow the instructions of the authorities or saw a lot of sense in what your parents were saying? – Here you go.

There is a solution to that however. Hire an external employee who:

  • Matches your change requirements
  • Comes from the company, which is already on that from you desired level
  • Is eager to work on long-term strategical projects

Here the right choice is very important, as you are choosing a second change management officer, but undercover. This person doesn’t need to know about that though.

Important is that you make sure, that a group leader and head of department are informed and give all support possible to this person.

If you are team leader, you support that employee by

  • Checking the situation continually to make sure this person is a correct choice
  • Do anything possible to achieve integration of this employee and high level of acceptance by the others

In that case employee chosen is the right one, you will see how the whole group changes to match his level. Give this process of transformation some time and make sure then, you move this person to another level in order to influence some even more global changes.

Get impressed! – You know you like it.