While getting ready for work and thinking of how to increase productivity in a company, an interesting thought has crossed my mind.

What if there were CEO-elections at every company. Means, a CEO gets hired for some limited period of time, let’s say 3 years and implements his master plan. As his ruling period is over, owners and middle management (may very, even a simple employee may do it) evaluates the results and takes a decision.

In case a CEO has failed at his gob, an election run is open, where some of the employees may suggest their strategy and way of its implementation.

There are some issues to take care of though, before doing that:

  • Design an election process, so company does not sink in chaos during that period of time
  • Define a long-enough period of CEO ruling, because some global strategies do take time to implement


  • CEO stays proactive and productive in order to keep his job
  • Less risk, that a CEO will take advantage of the company for his own private needs
  • Middle management and other employees take interest in the implementation of the strategy
  • Middle management and other employees stay proactive suggesting new ideas


  • Not implemented correctly thus might open a real backstabbing office wors
  • Middle management and other employees try to sabotage projects (but let’s be honest, that one takes place even without election as well).

So, here is some food for thought. Share your opinion on that, only a discussion leads to the truth.

Get impressed! – you know you like it.