World premiere Samsung S8 did not  take a long time to be launched on the market since S7 has arrived.

Having the highest merket share of 21% in 2016, followed by Apple with 12,5% (Source:

Period Samsung Apple
2015Q4 20.4% 18.7%
2016Q1 23.7% 15.4%
2016Q2 22.8% 11.7%
2016Q3 21% 12.5%

The numbers are showing that Samsung is doing it all right. Cooperation with the europes biggest online-generalist amazon is only prooving it right.

Check out the “Unbox S8” microsite which appears as main bunner on amazon as soon as one goes to the website:

Unbox S8 banner at amazon which leads to the microsite

Get impressed! – you know you like it.