Recently opened small Pop-up-stores are a sign that amazon is enters a stationary trade market.


(Picture: Amazon)

100 of the small pop-up-stores are planned to be located in shopping malls in the USA till the end of 2017. The hardware stores are going to have a sales representative, who is going to provide the information about Kindle products such as eBook and tablets as well as inform the customers about the advantages of Amazon Prime and same-day-delivery.


Launching as an online book store and emerging into hardware and fashion industry becoming an online generalist Amazon does not really have a chance to make a push towards even higher growth rates, but here we are seeing the stationary stores. But look, some customers just like to ‘touch and experience’ and not only ‘see and read’, besides buying something at the store and having it straight away after a slide of the card at the cashier is a good feeling after all. So according to Bezos famous ‘Circle of Growth’ strategy stationery trade such as new Pop-up-Stores, Amazon Bookstores, Pick-up stations Amazon-Locker in cooperation with Shell (yes, in the US you can pick your box up at the gas station) will allow Amazon to achieve growth offline as well.

Slow and steady has Amazon been creating more contact points for the ‘offline-customers’, changing our understanding of the stationary trade one more time.